Chapter 1: An Idea is Born

Showing Off My City and Running Out of Clothes

Traveling has defined my life, and the constant movement I have undertaken to study, live or work in cities inspired NxTSTOP. I was lucky enough to grow up outside NYC, which was a head start to loving a mix of culture and having he city pride. The real travel though started in college when I moved to Palo Alto to attend Stanford. I spent the next six years ping-ponging around the world – first to Madrid to study abroad, then back to SF to finish Stanford, then to Paris to attend Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie program, back to SF for a job and finally settling back in NYC for my first career path job with Accenture.

As a consultant, travel lifestyle becomes your MO. Every week for two years I flew the Monday morning 7 am JFK-LAX Delta flight and returned on the Thursday late afternoon 4pm LAX-JFK one. Effectively having residences in both cities, I came to love both equally (something many native NYC or LA people will deny is possible) and it was through this passion that the NxTSTOP idea took shape.

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