Chapter 13: Website Design

Navigating Site Design and Product Photos Website Design with Strikingly Website design was relatively straightforward using Strikingly. I highly recommend this site builder to novices especially. Effectively a simplified version of square space, the tool allowed me to build some quick templates for www.thenxtstop.com that looked good enough to launch with. It has simple e-commerce […]

Chapter 12: Thinking About IP

The Importance of Trademarks Prior to Launch Before launching completely I was really nervous because I felt once people saw the simplicity of the code design, they would steal it. I had submitted for the JFK design mark immediately but then wanted to move on all the other cities too, as well as the NxTSTOP […]

Chapter 10: Logo Update

Redesign for Broader Appeal A Woman’s Touch My friend Natalie has another very critical role in this story. She helped me rethink the way my logo was drawn so that it would appeal to a broader audience. As you may have noticed, the first logo was very “skater bro.” Her point was simple, “If you […]

Chapter 9: Embroidery Challenges

Trying to Find a Cost Effective and Quality Partner The Issue I did not discover until later how fortunate I was to have stumbled upon North Shore Embroidery. Washington the owner is simply a magician with embroidery; his patience and attention to detail to ensure perfection are unrivaled. North Shore Embroidery was and still is […]

Chapter 7: The First Samples

Silvercup Studios and Long Island City Collage It was not easy to convert the designs to shirts. First and foremost, I had never done screen printing or had anything screen printed for me. I also had no idea what types of shirts were even possible. In my mind I benchmarked on the Ruehl shirts that […]

Chapter 6: Photo Wizardry

Learning Photoshop and Lightroom Luckily, another friend from business school – Sunny – helped in a HUGE way (thanks again!) to show me the ropes to Lightroom and Photoshop. The two biggest lessons I learned from Sunny were the following. First, there is no substitute for capturing the right angle of the object you want, […]